Boundri is a unique digital service that creates printed based products using pictures from aerial and satellite photos from areas of the world that are special to you.

Experience With Maps

It’s founder Nathan Faleide, has been involved in the mapping world for over 25 years using various types of imagery to showcase how the world is changing specifically in the Agriculture Industry.

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Natural Harmony

With this background the one thing Nathan realized is that while most mapping information has been showcased digitally, there has been a missing element to showing the beauty and functionality of physically printed mapping products. This is where Boundri came to be in allowing anyone to easily find a area of the world that they know or are tied to while being able to physically see and share it.

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A new way to enjoy a birds eye views

The first flagship product came from Nathan’s love for Agriculture and Farm Toys in creating kids farm play rugs of farmland that their parents or relatives actually farm and/or own. Some will call it carpet farming. 

The excitement a kid feels when carpet farming their families farm land while learning how it actually looks like from above is something you can see in our clients reviews.

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The Sky Is The Limit!

Beyond the popular play rugs, Boundri’s plan is to provide many other types of printed products from wall maps of a farmers fields, special art prints, and even customized map booklets and magazines. There really isn’t a limit into what can be printed using a map from anywhere in the world.

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