Everyone usually has some questions from time to time and here are some answers to some common ones we’ve experienced so far. If you can’t find what you are looking for here please contact us directly.

Not at this time, most of the imagery you see has resolutions from 30cm to 1m. This means the pixels of color you see are that size. This means sometimes certain objects do not show very well when zoomed in really close. Some areas are also better than other areas as all of the images were taken at different times and have been stitched together.

There are some instances that this is generally possible, but with our system and with other mapping systems with the high resolution imagery shown it may only be taken once per year at best. In rural areas it typically is a few years old except near large cities. We are implementing more and more data slowly to help mitigate this. Special requests of more timely imagery are possible at an extra cost in certain circumstances. 

If you zoom in really close to a farmstead for instance on a large enough rug it can be possible, but depending on imagery in your wanted area it may not look as good as you want. To put it in perspective, a 160 acre field at 1/64th scale would equate to about a 40×40 ft rug. In most cases children don’t seem to be as concerned about this when playing from what we’ve seen.

No, with the imagery being utilized there are certain licenses we have to abide by in showcasing them on our products. It is our future hope that we will have some options that do not require this. 

Yes, we are starting with simple products to start, but plan to expand into many different types of products from mugs and shirts to large wall murals and even booklets and magazines. Many products require special designing methods to work and print properly, but rest assured more is coming.

Absolutely! Once you pick the product you want, you can bypass the Create a Map option and just upload your own image. Note, we only can upload .jpg and .png files at the moment and we need files to be less than 50mb.

Yes, much like adding your own map image you can add any type of image you want if it’s the right file type. There is also a simple feature to add text as well such as a family name.

You can toggle between different layers within the US currently if you see this issue to mitigate it. Outside of the US this is possible in some areas though we will have to manually add those images currently. If the area you want has these or other issues please contact us directly and we will do our best to help get you what you are looking for. 

Our system isn’t that picky so sometimes it is just as easy to start over from scratch. Sometimes you can hit the back button to redo items or if you saved the product as a draft you can re-edit it as well. 

7-10 business days is typical, but there are instances it can be quicker. It can also take longer especially if crossing the borders due to customs.

We actually have shipped many products to Canada and yes these issues can exist. While we are still working on ways to make it better we do sometimes recommend that clients that are closer to the border try and use a shipping depot on the US side at times especially for large items like rugs. Also, due to customs if you don’t receive your product within 3 weeks please let us know.

While we will be adding new products over time there are some options to add other products to the lineup as we want. It really depends on many processes and the costs involved. You can make custom requests though and we will look at them on a case by case basis